Invisible aligners are another name for clear aligners. They adjust teeth that are out of place and are an almost undetectable, removable alternative to braces.

Clear aligners help to restore the natural appearance of your teeth. Every patient receives a unique set of aligner trays typically constructed of BPA-free plastic. The teeth are subtly moved in little steps by each tray. Here are a few benefits of clear aligners –

Benefits Of Clear Braces in Westchase

They Are Hardly Noticeable When Worn

The most evident advantage of Clear Braces in Westchase is their extreme discretion in teeth alignment. The main reason why so many individuals choose to have transparent braces put on their teeth is that they are hardly detectable. Adults who work and interact with people daily will particularly benefit from this benefit.

When Removed, They Don’t Hurt Anything

Because enamel cannot be restored metal braces should not be removed if they have the potential to damage a tooth’s enamel. There is no possibility of harming a tooth’s enamel with clear braces because they are not attached to the teeth and do not use the same bonding chemical.

They Are Incredibly Robust And Long-Lasting

There are fewer concerns about any potential chipping because the materials used to manufacture Clear Braces in Westchase are sturdy and long-lasting. The transparent materials will last as long as they are required as long as the braces are properly cared for.

Factors That Affect The Aligners Cost

How Long They Will Be Worn

Some aligners can be worn for just one or two months, and others can be worn for six months or longer. The amount of money and time it takes to get your teeth straightened depends on the type of aligner you choose. and the duration of time you wear it.

Your Child’s Braces of Choice

When choosing braces for your child, it’s crucial to consider what kind of results you are looking for. Different braces have different goals and different costs associated with them. Factors like Your child’s Braces of Choice can affect the cost.

Additional Orthodontic Tools

When planning for your orthodontic treatment, it is crucial to keep in mind which tools will be needed and how much they will cost. Factors like additional orthodontic tools may increase the cost of treatment due to the increase in labor time required by the team.

Maintenance After-Treatment

Clear Braces in Westchase aren’t just for children. Adult patients can also benefit from clear braces. When you have them on, it’s crucial to follow a few simple steps to help keep your appliance looking fresh and clean.

  • The first thing you want to do is brush your teeth thoroughly every day with toothpaste, or at least 2-3 times a day.
  • Next, rinse your mouth with cool water after brushing and flossing your teeth at least three times daily.
  • If you’re going out of town or traveling away from home, then it’s also important to bring along disposable wipes so that you can clean your appliances before getting back into your regular hygiene routine.

Where to Get Clear Braces in Houston, TX

Although Unident Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, uses specialized dental materials to make them less apparent, clear braces function exactly like conventional braces. They’re especially great for younger people, who are less likely to have the issues that come with getting older. We cordially welcome you to get in touch with us right away to arrange a consultation.

In addition to straightening your teeth, orthodontics in Houston, TX, can enhance your oral health. Dental malocclusion, or crooked teeth, is brought on by issues with your jaw’s size and form. Crooked teeth might cause oral health issues if they are not addressed. Learn more about the signs of malocclusion, how orthodontics in Houston, TX, can improve your dental health, and the several orthodontic benefits

Orthodontics’ Benefits for Dental Health

The outcome will be more favorable the earlier you treat a malocclusion. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats malocclusion by adjusting the dental and facial structures. Here are the advantages of orthodontic treatment for your oral health:

Healthier Smile – A healthier smile is possible because bacteria are more prone to thrive in the crevices between teeth when your teeth are crowded or crooked. Too many teeth close together run the risk of decay developing over time. Your ability to effectively clean your teeth is facilitated by appropriate dental alignment, which also lowers your risk for cavities and gum disease.

Better Bite – If your teeth are crooked, you run the chance of breaking one or more of them. Daily biting and chewing can wear down your tooth enamel over time and harm the way your jaw works. Your teeth can generate a more natural bite with orthodontics in Houston, TX.

Enhancement of Chewing – Orthodontic therapy fixes issues like overbite, underbite, and narrow arches. An improved chewing function results from better tooth alignment.

Migraine and muscle pain relief – Muscle soreness can come from a misaligned bite, which is frequently caused by crooked teeth. The strain that starts in your jaw can spread to your neck and shoulders before resulting in excruciating migraines. The underlying reason for migraines can be treated with an orthodontic in Houston, TX, which can also sometimes reduce muscle tension.

Here Are a few steps for dental care before orthodontics treatment –

  • While undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is crucial to continue having your teeth examined by your dental experts. Additionally, you must pay special attention to your mouth and teeth:
  • Every day give your teeth a thorough cleaning, getting in there where you can. Because braces are sensitive, it’s important to clean them gently to prevent breakage. Depending on the appliance you are wearing, your dental experts will be able to demonstrate the unique techniques to utilize.
  • Reduce your intake of sugary foods and beverages. Avoid sugary foods and beverages, as well as carbonated beverages. Additionally, hard and sticky meals can harm your brace.
  • At least once during the day and last thing at night, brush your teeth. Use mouthwash if necessary. Your dental experts might advise using a fluoride mouthwash, fluoride gel, or stronger fluoride toothpaste.


Serious dental health problems might result from improperly spaced teeth. Your smile’s health and lifespan are also ensured by correcting the alignment of your teeth. Make an appointment with Unident Family Dentistry in Houston, TX, right now to discover more about the best orthodontic therapy for your particular dental issue.

Clear Braces may be the solution for you if you’re seeking a nearly invisible, least intrusive technique to straighten your teeth. Clear Braces are intended to straighten teeth with uneven gaps. Adults and teenagers with underbites can also have their underbites fixed with braces. To decide if these teeth-straightening devices are the best option for you, look at the advantages that will help you make the decision.

Here Are a Few Benefits Of Clear Braces

Clear Braces Are Less embarrassing

Nearly no teenager or adult would want to publicize the necessity for braces to correct their misaligned teeth. In fact, some individuals find wearing traditional metal braces embarrassing and uncomfortable. Fortunately, clear braces deliver on their promise of virtually invisible dental appliances worn in between your teeth, allowing you to grin freely and with unrestrained joy. Trust the Unident Family Dentistry’s best orthodontist in Westchase, TXT.

The Plastic Composition of Braces is Convenient

Yes, clear braces are easier to wear and maintain because they are composed of clear plastic rather than bulky metal. If you’ve ever battled to remove debris from metal braces, you may appreciate what a great advantage this is. Only the best orthodontist in Westchase, TXT, can guide you for the best clear braces.

Easy To Remove And More Versatile

You must wear traditional metal braces until your teeth are straightened properly. So clear braces may seem like a one-way route for your teeth. Contrarily, clear braces can be removed without a dentist’s assistance, allowing you to remove them for significant occasions like a work presentation or a social gathering and then quickly reapply them later without attracting undue notice.

Blends Seamlessly Into Contemporary Lifestyles

What you can eat can be limited by metal braces, especially in public. For instance, choosing your lunch noodle with your (metal) teeth still intact is the last thing you want to do as an adult! It is substantially less likely to occur when using clear braces. For more comfort, you can even take off your braces when dining in public. Cleaning is also made simpler as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Braces

Do clear braces become discolored?

Yes. One of the main problems with clear braces is staining. The included ceramic brackets don’t discolor as easily, but the elastics that hold the wires in place do stains, especially when meals and drinks with tannins are consumed. The brackets and wires that come with clear braces might develop stains from smoking tobacco products also. The elastics that come with transparent braces are normally changed by dentists every six weeks.

Can an overbite be corrected with clear braces?

In general, an overbite can be corrected with braces. Clear aligners are ideal for restoring jaw position and bite function because they have no metal or wires, which means they can be used in place of traditional metal braces. This orthodontic treatment allows you to feel the changes in the alignment of your teeth very quickly and accurately.

Clear aligners, however, can only be utilized to correct overbites brought on by incorrect tooth positioning in the patient.

The conclusion

In the end, wearing clear braces is intended to straighten your teeth without attracting undue attention. However, the time frame in which the correction takes place depends on the severity of the overbite and the age. To find out more about these braces and other choices, contact Unident Family Dentistry in Houston, TX.

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