77063 Dentist | Digital X-Rays

April 17, 2019

X-rays, or radiographs, have long been used in dentistry. Traditional film x-rays are a safe and effective part of your dental care, but they do require a small amount of radiation. In our office, we utilize digital x-ray technology that provides the benefits of film imaging but uses up to […]

Dentist in Houston, TX | 6 Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

April 17, 2019

Oral health is important at every stage in life. Just because your children are going to lose their primary (baby) teeth eventually doesn’t mean that we can ignore the importance of dental care. Tooth decay can be painful and uncomfortable to treat. To protect your child’s smile, it is vital […]

Houston Dentist | Dry Mouth – Not Just a Nuisance

March 25, 2019

Normal flow of saliva provides lubrication for swallowing and begins the process of digestion while you chew. Saliva also protects your teeth by neutralizing and washing away acids, sugars, and other particles left behind after eating. From time to time, we all experience some amount of dry mouth. Hot weather, […]

First blog post

June 16, 2016

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