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Tooth decay is still a very frequent childhood problem. By the time they reach the second grade, more than half of all children have had at least one cavity. The good news is that by adopting healthier eating habits and dental hygiene practices, deterioration can be substantially avoided. In addition to crucial preventive advice to reduce your child’s risk of cavities, white spot lesions, and toothaches, Children Dentist Westchase, TX, discusses what causes decay.

What causes tooth decay in Children?

When oral bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans, feed on carbohydrates from food, they produce acids that erode and demineralize the surface of tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay. Since treatment for cavities that have progressed to the soft pulp often needs sedation or anesthesia, Westchase Children Dentist places a strong emphasis on prevention to stop decay before it starts.

Way to Tooth Decay in Children

Choosing the right dental hygiene products, reducing sugar intake, professional strengthening treatments, establishing good cleaning habits at a young age, protecting molar pits and fissures, and routinely visiting Westchase Children Dentist for examinations and emergency care are all important steps in helping kids prevent cavities. Here is how –

Selecting appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush: For children under three years old, use a soft-bristled brush and a small dab of fluoride toothpaste. As your dexterity and spitting abilities develop about age 3, go up to a pea-sized portion. It is essential to monitor correct technique and thoroughness.

Avoid sugary foods and drinks: Bacteria love starchy or sugary foods. Limit the amount of cookies, candies, juice, and soda you consume. Choose water and nutritious, low-sugar fruits and vegetables to reduce the amount of acid that attacks immature teeth.

Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride varnish treatments administered in-office two to four times a year offer an additional barrier against minerals gradually eroding children’s tooth enamel and leading to cavities.

Teaching children proper oral hygiene habits: Encouraging children to floss every day once their teeth close in addition to brushing thoroughly twice a day for at least two minutes helps them take early ownership of removing plaque instead of depending entirely on their parents.

Dental sealants in preventing tooth decay: These thin plastic coatings, which are painted into the deep grooves of newly erupted molars, serve as armor against food particles and bacteria infiltrating the enamel-lined pits and cracks, significantly lowering the risk of decay.

Seeing the Children Dentist Westchase: The Westchase Children Dentist advises against waiting to treat dental issues in children until after they erupt, preferring to see a dentist every six months for preventive care, protective cleanings, x-rays, parent education, and early risk assessment. Think about a pediatric dentist who is kid-friendly.

Unident Family Dentistry prioritizes your child’s dental health, comfort, and happy experience above everything else as committed specialists in children’s dentistry. Our entire staff is trained in sophisticated behavior coaching, anxiety reduction techniques, and childhood development to completely calm even the most anxious children.

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Children who follow these preventative measures under the careful supervision of pediatric dentists can lead to fewer dental problems in the future. Parents will be better equipped to take care of their oral health throughout their lives. Please get in touch with Unident Family Dentistry in Westchase, TX, to arrange a visit.

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